Wireless Settings
Want to secure your tp-link router from unauthorized access from other routers? Simply enable the wireless setting right away.
Parental Controls

Worry no more about your kids’ online activities, especially when you are not around. Activate parental control today in Tp-link router.

MAC Filtering

Now allow your trusted list of devices to access your tp-link router Network. Secure your TP-link router by enabling MAC filtering.

Access Control
Want to allow or block a specific list of devices on your network? Now, Use Access control to limit access.


By investing in the wireless router, you actually get freedom from sticking to one place and from a bundle of wires. Wireless router doesn't have limitations like a basic wireless router do have. You can place or shift it anytime without much hassle. Apart from this, there are options for lots of features which we don’t get in a non-wifi router. But, users most of the time ignores the benefit of the wireless router until it gets brake down. So, we can say that our wireless routers are an unsung hero of today’s modern technology. Wireless routers like TP-ink router that are capable of providing wireless-N technology & speed of up to 450Mbps. Not only this, nowadays this speed also gets increased up to 1.3Gbps. It is because the demand for high speed is increasing day by day. More & More routers users are opting for wireless routers. Tp-Link routers which are a big name in router manufacturers always take an initiative of providing high-speed wireless routers.  They also keen on competing with restricted throughput from past Wi-Fi routers. Tp-Link routers have enough reason for becoming a user-friendly & favorite wireless router of current technology. So, if you are also looking for a brand new wifi router, opt for Tp-Link wifi router without fail. Want to know more about your tp link router setup? Stay with us, until the end of this page.

Basic System Requirement for Connecting the Tp-Link wifi Router

1.First, you will need Broadband Internet Access Service. It can be Ethernet, DSL or Cable.

2.Cable or DSL Modem must have an RJ45 connector, in case router is attached straight to the Ethernet.

3.A Computer with an Ethernet cable/ Ethernet Adapter which has RJ45 connectors.

4.TCP/IP protocol on every computer.

5.Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer & Apple Safari.


Installation of the Tp-Link wifi Router

1. Make sure, your router is connected to the Internet via broadband service prior tp link Router Setup.

2.In case of an issue, call your Internet service provider. Hereafter, you can start installing Tp-Link wifi Router.

3.Now, one by one plug out your modem, router & computer.

4.Put your router in between the central location of the wireless network.

5.Not only need the positioning of the router, but its antennas also require upright direction.

6.Attach computer each & every Switch/Hub into LAN or LAN ports of the Tp-link wifi router.

7.Next, connect your modem to the Tp-link router WAN port.

8.Put power adapter to the power source on your tp-link router & adapter another end to an electrical socket. With this, your router will start working by default.

9.Power up your computer, router & then modem.

tplinkwifi.net router login


Where to Place Tp-Link wifi Router Prior to tp link Router Setup?

1.Place your Tp-Link wifi router in a central & open area, Area with least intervention from metal, concrete & magnet.

2.Try to place the router on the floor. It ensures strengthening wireless signals.

3.A Place where your router doesn't get direct contact with the sunlight.

Steps required for tp link Router Setup via Web-based Utility

1. The configuration of tp-link router becomes so easy when done with the Web-based Utility. You can use Web-based Utility from any browser or window.

2. To start with, open a web browser first. Next, put default domain name into the browser address bar & press enter key.

3. Default domain name is http://tplinklogin.net. In case of issue, make use of Tp-Link wifi Router default IP address.

4. Next, you will see a login window, asking for default login credentials. Provide admin with both the options. Take care of case sensitivity & press enter or Ok button to go ahead.

5. In order to quickly finish up tp link Router Setup, click on the Quick Setup menu.

tplinkwifi.net router login

6. Now, click on the Next & after that page of WAN Connection Type. It is the time when your router starts detecting the type of internet connection you are using.

tplink wifi router login

7. By the time router detects an internet connection, if it doesn’t pick Auto-detect option to guide router towards it. If you want to know more tp link Router Setup, you have our experts for further assistance. Call them at the toll-free number which is available round the clock to provide quality advice. If you are interested in live interaction with the team, approach team for the same. We have also arranged a specific comment box, where you can share your concern about router issues. To get early replies from the experts, post your feedback or suggestions into the comment box. Your valuable feedback & Suggestions help us for the better customer services.